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Meat Processing Wastewater Pump System


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Columbus Salame

October 2008 - South San Francisco CA -- The whole water management system needed addressing to better achieve the desired treatment results. The old pump was a centrifugal design.  And being made of cast iron the pump was heavily corroded internally by the high TDS salty wastewater and wet high humidity environment.  RPC determined that the DAF was best suited by replacing the existing system with a new AISI 316 stainless steel Rogue MAX TRSTM-200S pump. 

The new trash pumps replaced the existing pump directly with twin MAX TRSTM-200S units instead of the single pump in place previously.  Twin pumps offered the advantage of reduced individual cycle duty as well as an in place redundant back-up.

The Rogue MAX TRSTM-200S  pumps passed insoluble solids and effectively kept up with the plant discharge.

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