Mechanical-biological waste treatment (MBT)

Today, three years before the (extended) initial deadline of the EU landfill directive, Greece still relies on landfills for the disposal of over 85% of its waste, while waste production continues to grow at about 3% per annum. The 2006 estimate for municipal Solid Waste production is 5.3 million tons, with biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) accounting for approximately 67% of that figure. Currently Greece has no capacity for incineration or separation at source of BMW (with the exception of paper recycling), and installed mechanical-biological treatment capacity is around 500,000 t.   

There are three MBT plants in the country, and a few more are at different stages of planning. Experiences from the design and operation of these plants are discussed along with the institutional framework, the status of the market for MBT products and the likelihood of Greece meeting the landfill directive targets. 

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