Mechanical systems for wastewater plant


WABAG is to supply mechanical systems for a new wastewater plant on Kish Island in the Persian Gulf. The new plant will have a capacity of 10,400m3/d and secure environment-friendly wastewater treatment for the island's roughly 20,000 inhabitants and their numerous guests, who total around a million annually. The order is worth some EUR2.5 million.

Kish Island, which is located 20km off the Iranian mainland is a free trade zone and a highly popular holiday destination. The island enjoys a reputation as one of the most beautiful in the world and with its unique blend of leisure and business facilities, which include an airport, attracts large numbers of both national and international tourists and visitors. With the construction of a new biological wastewater plant the island is now investing in environmental protection and sustainable water management.

The Iranian company, Jyane Construction, is to serve as the general contractor for the realisation of the new wastewater plant and has commissioned WABAG with the supply of the electro-mechanical systems. The plant will operate using the biological SBR (sequenching batch reactor) activated sludge process and will dispose over a disinfection phase for advanced purification, which will allow the reuse of the treated wastewater, e.g. for irrigation or street cleaning, and thus safeguard the island's natural resources.

The Kish Island wastewater plant is scheduled to go into operation in December 2010.
WABAG has been active in Iran for over 20 years and has realised a series of reference plants in the country. The company currently is finalising the start-up of the nation's largest wastewater treatment plant, which is located in southern Teheran and has a capacity of 2.1 million p.e., as well starting work on another major facility (500,000 p.e.) in Shiraz.

This plant is also being completed jointly by Jyane Construction and WABAG, this time as a consortium with WABAG as the managing company.

Both the Teheran and Shiraz WWTPs are of modern overall design and incorporate mechanical/biological cleaning, anaerobic sludge treatment with energy recovery and water reuse and are being implemented by WABAG within the framework of design-build-operate (DBO) orders.

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