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Mechline launches GohBio ‘natural’ food waste disposal


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Reduce approx 550 kilos of food waste to grey waste water in 24 hours with GohBio from Mechline. GohBio is a new product that reduces food waste disposal costs, ‘Future Proofs’ against disposal cost increases, reduces landfill and is energy efficient and sustainable.

GohBio is NOT a composting machine nor does it rely on composting to decompose food waste. It uses a special formulation of highly refined, naturally occurring microorganisms to convert food waste into a non-toxic liquid that is safe for drains and sewage systems—replicating nature. It helps operations responsibly and economically dispose of organic waste with little impact on the environment.

GohBio is designed to deal with high volumes of waste and is especially suitable where the location of the caterer; i.e., city centre, high-rise buildings, on board ships or other eco-sensitive areas makes the removal of food waste to landfill or composting expensive and unsustainable.

Specifically designed for the rapid and safe decomposition of food waste including meat, poultry, vegetables, rice, bread, pasta, fruit, coffee and dairy products. Any bones from meat or heavily fibrous materials will not decompose rapidly and will require conventional disposal.

Food waste is made up of approximately 70% water and is naturally wet and heavy. Eliminating a large portion of food waste from collections can significantly reduce collection and landfill charges.

OTHER BENEFITS: GohBio provides food waste weight monitoring, while eliminating food waste storage, reducing odour and vermin problems. The system encourages proper waste stream separation, reduces waste collection traffic, saves space and protects against increasing food waste collection charges. Also save on collections from site to landfill, reducing traffic, petrol and noise.

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GB 180: 180kg capacity per 24 hours
GB 360: 360kg capacity per 24 hours
GB 550: 550kg capacity per 24 hours
GB 680: 680kg capacity per 24 hours

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