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MIT Technology Review recently published an excellent article about the Newberry EGS Demonstration. Author Kevin Bullis interviewed both Susan Petty, President of AltaRock Energy, Inc., David Stowe, Public Relations representative for AltaRock as well as Jeff Tester, Professor of Sustainable Energy Systems at Cornell University. The article does an excellent job summarizing the Newberry EGS project as well as challenges and developments in the world of EGS today. Enjoy!

While the title Fracking for Geothermal Heat Instead of Gas implies the Newberry EGS demonstration uses hydraulic fracturing techniques, we’d like to clarify that AltaRock uses a process known as hydroshearing, which works at lower pressures and without the fracking chemicals used in the oil and gas industry. For more information on that distinction, please see our FAQ #1 and the blog post “Clarifications to Recent Headlines”, here:

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