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Medical Center Health System Selects UVDI’s UV Surface Disinfection Technology


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UVDI’s V-360+ UV Room Sanitizer provides hospitals with clinically proven superior surface disinfection.

Valencia, CA, November 13th, 2013 -- Founded over 60 years ago, Medical Center Health System has grown from one facility into a family of healthcare providers delivering a broad range of advanced medical services to the people of Odessa, Texas and the surrounding 17 counties of the Permian Basin.  Medical Center Hospital (MCH), a 402-bed regional medical center, currently serves over 100,000 patients each year.


Recently, Medical Center Health System investigated advanced ultraviolet disinfection (UV) technology for improved disinfection of hospital room surfaces.  After evaluating several manufacturers’ products, MCH selected UltraViolet Devices’ (UVDI) V-360+ UV Room Sanitizer based on its proven performance, ease of use and low total cost of ownership. The V-360+ is a mobile ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) device that is deployed by environmental services staff to disinfect hospital rooms after cleaning.


“We looked at several options before deciding that UVDI’s V-360+ UV Room Sanitizer provided the surface disinfection technology that was ideally suited to our needs,” said Justin Lewis, Director of Environmental Services at Medical Center Health System.  “Surface disinfection is a critical component of our environmental services and the V-360+ allows us to efficiently and effectively achieve this outcome with an affordable, portable and green technology.  When it comes to the care of our patients we take all concerns, big or small, very seriously, and this is a further step in creating a cleaner environment; for patients, families, caregivers and the Permian Basin.'


Medical Center Health System’s decision to add UVDI’s V-360+ UV Room Sanitizer as an integral part of their ongoing efforts to achieve superior surface disinfection is beneficial to both patients and healthcare providers.     “The V-360+ UV Room Sanitizer generates high intensity UV energy and quickly disinfects surfaces contaminated with viruses, bacteria and fungi, including superbugs such as MRSA andC. difficile,” said Richard Hayes, President of UVDI.    “MCH joins a growing number of hospitals and healthcare providers across the country who have adopted the V-360+ UV Room Sanitizer based on proven superior disinfection performance that ultimately improves patient outcomes,” he continued.


To view a video demonstrating the V-360+ UV Room Sanitizer please visit: https://vimeo.com/43824277


To learn more about the V-360+ UV Room Sanitizer or other UV disinfection solutions for healthcare environments, please visit www.UVDI.com, email info@UVDI.com or call (877) 787-3882. 


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UVDI is a leading manufacturer and supplier of UV products for air, surface and water disinfection. Under the UVDI MED brand, the company provides hospital grade UV disinfection technologies engineered for the healthcare industry. Under the ALTRU-V® brand, UVDI markets a full line of products for the HVACR market designed to reduce energy consumption and lower maintenance costs while delivering cleaner, healthier air.  Under UVDI’s Sparks Technology™ brand, the company markets gas phase filtration products for use in commercial and industrial applications worldwide. 

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