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Medium Pressure UV Ensures Peace of Mind for Operators of Wastewater Treatment Plant


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UV disinfection technology is fast becoming one of the most popular methods of destroying pathogenic microorganisms in wastewater. Not only is it a low cost technology, it does not produce any of the toxic by-products associated with conventional chlorine-based disinfection. An important factor that designers of UV systems have to take into account, however, are fluctuations in wastewater quantity and quality caused by variations in flow rates and in the levels of suspended solids.

These fluctuations affect UV transmittance and can result in variable microbial killing rates. It is therefore essential that any UV disinfection system is designed so the UV lamps always provide the minimum required UV dose throughout the UV reactor, particularly at those points in the system where UV intensity may reach its lowest value. This will ensure that all the micro-organisms in the effluent receive sufficient UV dose at all times, and also that killing rates will be more predictable and do not fall below the system design specification.

Hanovia offers systems with variable UV lamp power, controlled by online transmittance monitors and flow meters. These control systems ensure the UV systems can cope with fluctuations in transmittance and flow and ensure optimum disinfection at all times.

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