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MEDOR® Exp : online monitoring of sulphur in Hazardous zones


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The MEDOR® Exp from CHROMATOTEC® offers continuous, on-line analysis of sulphur compounds from concentrations as low as 1 ppb in natural and biogas feeds. The compounds analysed by the system include all naturally occurring sulphurs such as H2S, methyl and ethyl mercaptan as well as all odorant blends. The system uses proven GC technology developed and improved over 35 years for odorisation, quality and safety applications in a wide variety of processes.

The quality and performance of our systems has been recognised worldwide with recognition from Standard Organisations such as ISO, ASTM and CSA.

Odorisation Application

The MEDOR® Exp has been developed to monitor all available odorant and mercaptan blends available from all manufacturers. The system can be used to continually analyse and control odorant injection systems for natural, landfill and biogas sites.The integrated software transfers all results and information through to a host system automatically.

Process monitoring – Gas Cleaning & desulphurisation

For sulphur removal processes, such as Landfill or BioGas treatment before injection into a pipeline network requires careful monitoring and control. With detection limits as low as 1 ppb H2S, the MEDOR® Exp system offers users unparalleled security for process monitoring.

With the internal multiplexer, monitoring before and after treatment is possible with one analysis system. The integrated software, VistaChrom, is equipped with concentration based alarm thresholds which will trigger safety measures in the event of process failure.

Natural gas destined for cracking processes is easily monitored automatically to ensure protection for catalytic plants.Our internal permeation system offers automatic validation of results & data.

Pipeline Quality Control

The MEDOR® Exp is widely used for sulphur content in natural gas storage and transport. Unodorised gas can be analysed for natural sulphur species before and during transport or storage.

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