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Meet TOM, the ideal Waste Compaction System for Public Spaces


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June, 2013 -- Tomra Compaction AB, part of  the TOMRA Group, launches TOM,  the newest member of the product family.

TOM, which takes up about as much space as an ordinary waste bin, can hold up to seven times more waste than the conventional bin and is perfect for compacting lightweight waste in crowded high-traffic areas like restaurants, cafés, transportation hubs, malls, theme parks and supermarket bottle rooms.

Compacted waste needs less space for storage and transportation, leading to fewer trips to waste disposal, significantly lower  transportation costs and reduced CO2 emissions.

Fewer bag switches means less time spent on waste handling and much more time devoted to customers and core activities. With its sharp sensor-based eye, TOM automatically opens its shutter when someone is approaching. The touch-free automatic shutter contributes to a clean and hygienic environment.

TOM can also be adjusted for periods of high or low traffic, and its bag can be emptied either from the front or the back. Designed to fit any environment, TOM can be neutral or used as a platform for billboard-style advertising.


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