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Membrane Bio-reactor (MBR) technology protected by Haigh Ace Screeners


Source: The Haigh Engineering Company Ltd

Membrane plant is becoming an established technology and will undoubtedly revolutionise waste water treatment plant, especially where discharge consents require high performance in a small footprint. Haigh have already provided inlet screening with their proven ACE Screener on a number of MBR Technology's membrane bio-reactors.

The concept of installing a Screener before the MBR is that the membranes are kept clear of gross solids rags and plastics so the perfomance of the membrane is not degraded. An ACE Screener combines a screen and screenings handling system allowing solids to be conveniently disposed.

Haigh fit a high capture ratio screen plate to their ACE Screener combined screen, pumping disintegrator and dewatering system which removes all substantial solids. The solids are broken up, organics are washed out and returned to flow leaving a small amount of material in a Wheelie bin or Carri-skip for occasional disposal.

A Haigh ACE Screener is a complimentary product to MBR waste water systems ideally suited to improve performance of small treatment works as it controls, cleans and improves flows allowing the MBR to work consistently and reliably over long periods.

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