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Membranes will comprise 30 percent of $15 billion cartridge revenues in 2014


Source: The McIlvaine Company

The market for cartridges to separate contaminants from liquids will exceed $15.5 billion in 2014. Those with membrane filtration media will comprise 30 percent of the total. This is the conclusion reached by the McIlvaine Company in Cartridge Filters: World Market. (

Cartridges are defined as full flow filters. All the liquid to be purified passes through the cartridge. These devices are further defined as non-cleaning. The McIlvaine RO/UF/MF report covers the cross-flow filters. The McIlvaine report, Liquid Filtration and Media World Market, covers automatic backwash filters.

Membrane cartridges have higher removal efficiency than the other types. The pore size can be adjusted to capture sub-micron particles. However, the pressure loss and/or surface area is directly disproportional to the particle diameter to be captured.

Membrane cartridges are extensively used in the semiconductor industry to purify the chip wash water. However, they are preceded by a cross-flow system which does the major purification. The cartridges are located at the end of the distribution piping to capture any particles which might have been generated in-transit.

Membrane cartridges provide the water-for-injection (used in drugs which are injected into humans) in the pharmaceutical industry. They are also used to separate products in biotechnology applications.

The chemical industry uses membrane cartridges to purify process water and process chemical solutions. There are large applications in healthcare as well as in residential and commercial applications.

The power industry uses cartridges in conjunction with the purification of water used to generate steam.

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