Memosens and Liquiline – a team that can`t be beaten


Source: Endress+Hauser

Memosens sensor technology is causing quite a stir on the international circuit and has already won a number of awards and prizes for innovation. Together with the new Liquiline transmitter platform, Memosens forms the most innovative measuring point system currently available in analytical measuring technology. This unparalleled technology is receiving increasing acclaim on the international market and is already successfully in use in various areas of industrial liquid analysis.

Three outstanding innovations make Memosens the convincing choice:
Inductive energy and signal transmission.
The inductive and thus non-contact connection between the sensor and cable using a simple bayonet lock means ambient conditions have no effect on the system, thereby finally resolving all conceivable problems with humidity, rain, snow, corrosion, ground loops etc.

Digital signals for interference-free transmission over long distances.
Based on defined signal levels, the bidirectional, digital communication between the sensor and transmitter or PLC solves all problems known to date with regard to cables and high impedance, as well as faulty signal transmission. This also applies to existing interference from other electrical installations. Transmission paths of up to approx. 200m between the sensor and transmitter are thus now possible.

Integrated microcontroller for implementing an innovative maintenance strategy.
A microcontroller system with RAM memory is integrated in the sensor. It records all the current process and measured data and logs the sensor data history. This means that all maintenance measures affecting the sensor, such as calibration, adjustment, regeneration and cleaning, can be carried out in the measuring lab and only precalibrated sensors have to be exchanged on site. And precisely this factor reveals the huge advantage of Memosens sensors in terms of future cost savings.

Due to the requisite staff with a different training level and the operating times alone, maintenance costs for pH measurement can be practically halved in the future in the new calibration process for Memosens sensors. Even in small and simple systems with only a few measuring points and a few calibrations per month, the additional investment required for the Memosens laboratory equipment pays off after a maximum of half a year. And Memosens has many other benefits to offer the user:

Lifetime of Memosens sensors up to 40 % longer
Fewer calibration cycles thanks to longer sensor service life
General reduction in process downtime as non-specialized staff can replace the unit 24x7
More accurate process management thanks to more precise calibration in the lab under reproducible conditions
Predictive maintenance as an integrated part of the sensor technology, thereby resulting in improved asset management

Memosens and Liquiline
The innovative measuring point concept consisting of Memosens and Liquiline provides the ideal solution for safety and operating comfort in analytical measuring technology - something users and producers have been striving for for generations.

Today, Memosens is used for pH/ORP, ISFET, dissolved oxygen and conductivity. The technology will soon be available for all analytical sensors made by Endress+Hauser, such as for chlorine and turbidity, optical sensors, the nitrate probe and other parameters. In the future, Memosens sensors will be offering tailored solutions at the highest operating and functionality level in all industries such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, food, water and wastewater, pulp and paper and energy.

The user-friendly Liquiline transmitter platform means you can make full use of the options open with Memosens technology. Be it in a robust plastic housing or using hygienic stainless steel, as a two-wire or four-wire device, the measuring point is flexibly and ideally adapted to the applications of the various industries.

Memosens systems: open industry standard

Teamed with all common fieldbuses, and in conjunction with wireless and Internet technology, Memosens systems will further perfect the applications in all industries. In this respect, Memosens technology opens up completely new horizons in process implementation - and that for physical, optical as well as chemical parameters.

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