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MEMS based Thermal Mass Flow Technology


Source: Axetris Ag

Axetris uses proprietary MEMS-based thermal mass flow measurement technology to design its range of mass flow solutions. The temperature differential of a miniscule sample of the gas is measured during flow across a MEMS chip (see picture).

The temperature differential thus measured results in a mass flow measurement that is the building block to a superior mass flow product. Compared with a conventional design, the MEMS-based solutions from Axetris signify a quantum leap in mass flow performance. World-class fluid engineering and smart software design further enhance the advantages inherent to the MEMS thermal mass flow technology.

MEMS Based design

The MEMS-based design of Axetris mass flow products translates into substantial advantages* for OEM customers:

High Accuracy: upto 0.2% Full Scale (F.S.)
High Repeatability: upto 0.15% Of Reading (O.R.)
Excellent Turn-Down Ratio  at least 1000:1
Low Flow Capability: Minimum Flow 0.02 sccm
Quick Settling time: 150 ms (Settling Time for Controller)
Negligible Drift: Practically no re-calibration required
Miniature Size: Some of the smallest mass flow controllers in the world!

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