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Memstar Ready for Mass Production of Its New TIPS Membrane Products


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Singapore, July 1, 2011 - (ACN Newswire) - Memstar, a Singapore home-grown membrane manufacturing company and listed on SGX Main Board, is now ready for mass production of its newly launched TIPS PVDF hollow fibre membrane and related products.

According to Dr Ge Hailin, CEO of Memstar Technology Ltd, the new TIPS hollow fibre membrane will greatly improve the performance and efficiency of PVDF hollow fibre membrane widely used in various industries for water and wastewater treatment. Compared to the conventional NIPS fibre, the TIPSmembrane fibre has much stronger mechanical strength (4-6 times stronger than NIPS fibres), much stronger alkali resistance (up to 2% NaOH), much stronger anti-oxidation / ozone resistance property and longer service life.

Nowadays, PVDF hollowfibre membrane is widely used for water and wastewater treatment as well as sea water desalination. Memstar PVDF hollow fibre membrane products have been widely used on various water/wastewater treatment projects in China, South East Asia, Taiwan, Europe, North/South America. Memstar PVDF membrane has recently been certified by internationally recognised NSF for drinking water applications, which removes a huge barrier to allow Memstar to compete for large international drinking water projects.

With the newly launched TIPS PVDF hollow fibre membrane, Memstar will further strengthen its position as an international UF/MF membrane manufacturer and its competence in competing for large international water/wastewater projects.

About Memstar Technologies

Memstar Technology Ltd (SGX: MSL) is specialised in R&D, manufacture and application of hollow fibre membrane. Memstar has its headquarters and R&D Lab in Singapore and manufacturing facilities in both Singapore and China. To find out more, please visit www.memstar.com.sg.

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