Ministry of Environmental Protection of The People`s Republic of China

Ministry of Environmental Protection of The People`s Republic of China

MEP inspection campaign for APEC air quality guarantee enters the third phase, focusing on elevated sources and VOC emissions


According to the source in MEP Environmental Supervision and Inspection Bureau, the inspection campaign for guaranteeing air quality for the upcoming APEC China 2014 entered the third phase since Nov.5, and the focus of inspection shifted to elevated sources and VOC emissions.

It is learned that the environmental protection departments of Beijing and six neighboring provinces/municipalities/region, China National Environmental Monitoring Center, and the expert panel has recently consulted and forecast the air quality during the upcoming APEC events, and the forecast on Nov.4 showed Beijing would see static and stable weather between Nov.8 and Nov.11, which would be extremely unfavorable for pollutant diffusion, added by the effect of leaning south wind, the pollutant transportation imposed greater impact on air quality in Beijing. According to the analysis by expert panel, the elevated pollution sources and VOC emissions in the southern part of Beijing would be an important factor that affects atmospheric quality. Therefore, MEP required that the third phase inspection campaign beginning on November 5 focus on elevated sources and VOC sources. On the basis of the urgent arrangements made on the night of November 4 to ensure all matching measures are implemented, MEP further highlighted the implementation of pollution reduction measures of elevated sources, chemical and painting and other VOC emitters, and went all out to guarantee air quality for APEC.

It is learned that as entrusted by MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian, Vice Minister Zhai Qing convened corporate heads of China Huaneng Group, China Huadian Corporation, China Guodian Corporation, China Datang Corporation, China Power Investment Corporation on November 5 to further study the control of elevated pollution sources in coal-fired power plants, and proposed to, under the precondition of guaranteeing power supply safety, make reasonable adjustments to the power generation load in coal-fired power plants in Beijing and surrounding area, enhanced the maintenance of environmental facilities, and strictly prohibited the pollution emission against emission standards. Moreover, Zhai urged on Nov.7 China National Petroleum Corporation and Sinopec Group to tighten the VOC control in petrochemical companies and service stations, in order to make substantial efforts in reducing unorganized emissions.

For now, the 16 inspection teams sent by MEP are focusing on inspection on elevated sources and VOC emission sources in local areas, to scrutinize the operation of environmental facilities and pollution discharge situations. The team headed by Zhai went to Beijing, Hebei and Tianjin to make tour inspections since Nov.7, inspected on site the elevated sources and VOC sources including Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Branch, North China Aluminum Co., Ltd. of Zhuozhou City in Hebei, Qingyuan Heat and Power Co, Ltd. in Qingyuan County of Hebei. They checked how those enterprises suspended or restricted operations, made inquiries on the reduction of VOCs and elevated sources, and urged them to do so. As noted by Zhai, the core problem with petrochemical companies is VOC. The thermal power companies need to pay close attention to pollution reduction of elevated sources, and the companies need to do their best to reduce emission, tap the pollution reduction potentials, and make contributions to guaranteeing air quality for APEC events. In the meantime, Zhai reviewed the improvements made after previous inspection campaigns to make sure local problems are addressed.

In accordance with MEP Plan for Inspection Campaign on Guaranteeing Good Air Quality for APEC China 2014, MEP has sent 16 inspection teams on October 20 to launch environmental inspections, which was divided into three phases. The first phase focused on the arrangements and preparations of matching measures, the second phase on implementation of relevant measures, and the third phase starting on November 5 on elevated sources and VOC emissions.

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