Ministry of Environmental Protection of The People`s Republic of China

Ministry of Environmental Protection of The People`s Republic of China

MEP releases bulletin on total pollutant load in China in first six months


An official with MEP told the media today about the “Bulletin on Total Load of Major Pollutants in Local Provinces, Autonomous Regions and Municipalities in First Six Months of 2014”. MEP organized the accounting and verification of total load of major pollutants reduced by local regions in the first six months of the year, according to relevant regulations. The results indicated the total load of CODcr, NH3-H, SO2, NOx amounted to 11.722 mil., 1.225 mil., 10.372 mil., and 10.995 mil. t respectively, down 2.26%, 2.67%, 1.87%, and 5.82% from the first six months of last year. Among others, the NOx reduction hit the record high since the start of the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015), laying a solid foundation for achieving the pollution reduction targets set by the 12th Five-Year Plan for all pollutants.

According to the source, in the first six months, the municipal (including designated towns and industrial parks) wastewater treatment capacity has increased by 5.02 mil. t/d, and advanced wastewater treatment and recycling engineering has been provided to 453 major projects in papermaking and printing and dyeing industries. The combined installed capacity of de-NOx thermal power generating units increased by 120 mil. kW, adding the total capacity of de-NOx units up to 550 mil. kW, accounting for 62.5% of the combined installed capacity of all thermal power generating units. The de-SO2 facilities of 28.3 mil. kW in-service thermal power generating units have been upgraded with greater processing capacity. The flue gas bypasses of 75 mil. kW thermal power units have been dismantled, adding the combined capacity of bypass-free de-SO2 units up to 475 mil. kW. Flue gas de-SO2 facilities have become available to additional 69.5 m2 sintering machines in iron and steel makers, adding the total area of de-SO2 sintering machines up to 94,000 m2, accounting for 69% of the combined area of all sintering machines. Moreover, de-NOx facilities have been provided for the new-type, dry-process production lines of additional 100 mil. t cement clinkers, adding the combined capacity of de-NOx cement clinkers up to 820 mil. t, accounting for 57% of the total capacity of new-type dry process production lines. The waste disposal and resource utilization facilities have been improved in 3,512 scaled livestock and poultry breeding farms, raising the CODcr and NH3-H removal efficiency by 6 and 26 percentage points respectively. More than 2.2 mil. yellow-tagged and old and used motor vehicles have been taken out of street, and work has continued to eliminate outdated production facilities in the papermaking, printing and dyeing, electric power, iron and steel, and cement industries.

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