MEPs support tough action on car emissions

MEPs in the European Parliament today voted to make carmakers play a much greater role in tackling climate change and rejected car industry attempts to weaken proposed legislation on the fuel efficiency of new cars.

With an overwhelming majority, the Parliament's Environment Committee backed the European Commission's proposal to cut average emissions from new cars to no more than 130 grammes of carbon dioxide per kilometre (g CO2/km) by 2012. Proposals to postpone the deadline to 2015 and to lower proposed penalties for car manufacturers not meeting this target were rejected. The Committee also said that average emissions in 2020 should be no more than 95g CO2/km, subject to a review in 2014.

Friends of the Earth transport campaigner Tony Bosworth said:

'MEPs have listened to the views of European citizens rather than the car industry and insisted that tough measures be put in place to make new cars greener and more fuel-efficient. The new measures would reduce carbon dioxide emissions from transport in the UK - and fuel bills for drivers at the same time.

'Europe's leaders must make sure their promises to fight climate change are backed up by robust action.'

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