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Mercury may go from measuring devices


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Lower prices and better technology may ban mercury from medical equipment. More legislative effort is laid on phasing out the substance as prices are lowered and mercury-free technology is enhanced.

In dentistry, as in other care, a huge amount of mercury is released every year, posing threats to aquatic organisms (as the substance is both toxic and accumulating in the food chains), humans through dental amalgams and workers in industries exposed to mercury.

In India and the Philippines, government programs aim at phasing out the substance from the health care sector, replacing it with emerging technologies. Recently, São Paulo as the first city in Brasil started a phase-out of mercury devices in hospitals.

Mercury free measuring devices perform well
Also the EU shows increasing concern about the importance of phasing out mercury. ECHA has proposed to restrict the use of mercury in healthcare products like sphygmomanometers and other measuring devices in healthcare and in other professional and industrial uses.

Mercury is used in blood pressure- and other measuring equipment, in gastrointestinal and feeding tubes and in thermometers. All substitutes are slowly beginning to have comparable end-prices. And technological development is catching up.

According to a report by the EU Commission, mercury-free sphygmomanometers for blood pressure-measurement have the same limitations as mercury sphygmomanometers.

Text: Hansi Elsbacher/Greentech info

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