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Mercury Rising – Enviro Technology and mercury monitoring


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The first global treaty on mercury has put the metal firmly on the emissions monitoring agenda in 2013. 

The Minamata Convention – which binds governments in over 140 countries to actively prevent mercury emissions and releases – was signed in January 2013. Mercury has long since been recognised as a chemical of global concern due to both its ability to travel long distances in the atmosphere and accumulate in ecosystems, including fish.

The treaty has obvious implications for the monitoring of mercury from stack emissions, especially for the coal-fired power plant industry.  Environmental monitoring equipment specialist, Enviro Technology Services has already seen a surge in interest from the sector, proactively researching best practice in mercury monitoring.

“The recent treaty signing, coupled with both the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) and the interest in mercury monitoring from organisations such as WHO:  these are all indicators that mean industrial customers are looking to ensure best practice in their mercury monitoring,” says ET’s Sales Manager for CEMs, Jim Budd.

Traditionally, extractive CEMs have struggled to provide accurate total gaseous mercury measurements due to issue surrounding chemical reactions and contamination in the sampling system.  

ET is now supplying the MCERTS-certified Opsis DOAS Total Gaseous Mercury system, a non-contact monitoring solution that measures mercury vapour using an optical path. The system, which recently received TÜV approval for measuring total gaseous mercury, can also measure all gases listed in the new IED.  

The mercury monitor is a new addition to the Opsis DOAS range that ET has been supplying in the UK since 1996. With more than 100 CEM systems sold in the UK, and thousands more worldwide, the non-extractive cross-duct system is highly accurate and low maintenance.

“The industry leaders we’re talking to are increasingly aware of the need to future-proof their monitoring equipment and consider its lifetime value in light of future legislation.  We believe this system from Opsis is the best mercury monitor on the market,” Jim concluded.

Further information about ET and the mercury monitor from OPSIS is available at www.et.co.uk or contact Jim Budd on 01453 733 200.

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