Mercury Spill in Illinois Results in Lawsuit & Reminds Public to be Aware of this Toxic Metal

The environmental experts at EC2 can help test and identify hazardous conditions following a mercury spill or contamination from other heavy metals.

Woodstock, IL, September 10th, 2012 -- Last month, The Record reported that a dairy business is seeking a judgment of $1.4 million against a sanitary and clean-up company for costs and damages associated with a mercury spill at their business.  The spill occurred when a manometer containing the toxic liquid metal was laid on its side, spilling toxic mercury.


Mercury spills occur all too frequently.  In response to these dangerous spills, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has released a fact sheet about mercury spills.  According to the document, “Mercury is a metal that occurs naturally in small amounts in the environment. Because it remains liquid at room temperature, it is used in many consumer products. Mercury is used in barometers, blood pressure instruments, thermometers, and other pressure-sensing instruments. Batteries containing mercury are used in some small electronic devices. Small amounts of mercury can be found in fluorescent and energy saving light bulbs. Mercury also is used in outdoor lighting, motion picture projection, and the making of some medications.” 


One Illinois-based company that has specialized in identifying mercury risks in indoor environments is EC2, Inc.  Ed Chambers, President of EC2, reported the following when asked about mercury risks in homes, offices and schools, “Most people don’t realize they are in close contact to mercury on a regular basis.  Exposure to mercury in an enclosed indoor environment is a real concern.  Few people recognize that many water-based paints used mercury as a preservative until its use was discontinued in 1991. Any paint that contains mercury should never be used indoors. Some people may even have containers of elemental mercury in their homes left over from science projects or other sources.  Mercury used in thermometers, switches and some types of light bulbs can also break and be released.  Some groups even use metallic mercury in ethnic folk medicine and for religious practices putting themselves at risk of exposure.”


EC2 has sponsored an educational video about mercury exposure risks that can be seen at:


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