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Met One Instruments, Inc. Announces Model 804 Handheld Airborne Particle Counter


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GRANTS PASS, Ore., Dec. 1, 2011 /PR Newswire/ -- The new Model 804 handheld airborne particle counter from Met One Instruments, Inc. is being hailed as a breakthrough device that can deliver results literally in seconds. It packs some big performance into its small size. It offers the user not only portability and reliability but some of the lowest price points in the industry. The 804 is completely self-contained with an internal battery and sample pump, and is programmable. This handheld airborne particle counter has seven pre-set particle channels (0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, 2.5, 5.0 and 10.0). The 804 lets the user select four 'favorite' size channels that are readily displayed.

Fast Sampling

Unlike other counters that can take up to a minute to deliver results, the 804 can display counts in as little as 3 seconds. The unit will take single or continuous samples.

Battery or AC Powered

The self-contained battery pack powers the unit for 30 hours of typical intermittent operation, and for up to 8 hours of continuous use. Also included is an AC charger / adapter.

Flexible Data Interfaces / USB Communication

The 804 stores up to 2500 data records for Excel-formatted output via software which is included. A USB interface provides quick data download and field firmware upgrades.

Users Impressed with ease of use and innovative thumb wheel

Early users are impressed with its speed, price, ease of use and performance. An Ohio industrial hygienist said not only was the 804 'priced right' but it proved easy to use. He knew his technicians would quickly learn how to use the 804 - in fact, according to him, it literally took just five minutes of training. Another innovative feature that customers have marveled at is the 804's thumb wheel user interface. The thumb wheel easily allows the user to select the next location or review recent records on screen, or change all the parameters within a split second. Clients find the thumb wheel a rock-solid interface even while wearing latex gloves.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Return on Investment (ROI)

A recent law passed in Taiwan shows how serious they are taking air quality issues on that island nation and how indoor air quality is not only a health issue but an economic issue as well. 

The act mandates that owners, managers or employers are responsible for maintaining indoor air quality on their premises. EPA Deputy Minister Chiu Wen-yen believes improving the air quality will cut health care expense by 12 percent - this could save about NT $4 billion (US$132.2 million) a year. So the 804 not only allows companies and public agencies the ability to stay ahead of medical and regulatory concerns, but also provides a direct return on investment (ROI) as noted by the Taiwanese EPA.

Cleanroom testing and monitoring

The 804 complies with ISO 14644-1 testing for ISO Classes 2 to 9 cleanrooms. In addition, the 804 complies with the new ISO 21501-4 calibration standard. 

It meets or exceeds CE, ISO, ASTM, and JIS international certifications and comes with an NIST traceable calibration certificate. It can be used in a variety of industries and applications including process control, HVAC, laboratories, filter testing, and QA in controlled environments including cleanrooms and other environmentally sensitive applications and industries.


  • Monitoring and Verifying Cleanrooms  
  • Medical Device Manufacturing & Packaging
  • Aerospace Assembly
  • Filter Testing
  • Hospital Pharmacies & Surgery Suites
  • Food / Beverage Manufacturing & Packaging
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Investigations
  • Mold remediation surveys
  • Cosmetic Manufacturing & Packaging
  • Auto & Appliance Paint Booths


Met One Instruments, Inc. is a world-class U.S. manufacturer of instrumentation. They are a world leader in the engineering and manufacture of meteorological and particulate monitoring instruments. For over 25 years they have been designing and manufacturing meteorological instruments used in weather stations around the world. As a leader in air quality particulate monitoring, they offer sampling technologies for filtration, air ducts, workplace surveys, and cleanrooms. Met One Instruments, Inc. manufactures Meteorological Instruments and Systems, Airborne Particulate Monitors, and Indoor Particle Counters & Monitors. For further information on the 804 visit

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