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Met One Instruments, Inc. introduces the next generation in airborne particle counting instrumentation


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New Low Cost Particle Counter is added to Product Line

May 2011 -- Met One Instruments Inc., is pleased to announce the availability of the Model 804 handheld 4-channel particle counter – the latest in a line of innovative measuring equipment for detection of particulate contamination in controlled environments.

The 804 enables the user to record 4 channels of simultaneous data from a selection of 7 sizes ranging 0.3 micron to 10.0 micron.   Met One Instruments, Inc., an ISO9001 company, prides itself in providing accurate and reliable instrumentation that is affordable.   The 804 falls in these lines providing portability and reliability at the lowest price in the industry.

Fast sampling - the 804 incorporates user selectable sampling time up to 1 minute and displays concentration or total counts in as little as 3 seconds.    The simple operation with only two front panel buttons and a scroll wheel provide a user friendly, menu driven platform that provides ease in configuration, plus a 2 year warranty on this new unit.   Met One Instruments, Inc., guarantees the lowest cost of ownership in the industry on our full line of particle counters.

For more information visit, email or phone 541-471-7111.

About Met One Instruments, Inc.:

Met One Instruments Inc. is among the leaders in research, development and manufacture of meteorological instruments, particulate monitors and samplers, data loggers and environmental software. One of the oldest instrument manufacturers in the United States, MOI continues to provide the leading edge in instrumentation, data logging, environmental software and monitoring systems worldwide.

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