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Met One Instruments, Inc.`s new portable BT-637 bench-top airborne particle counter now available


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GRANTS PASS, Ore., Sept. 29, 2011 /PR Newswire/ -- You wouldn't think something so small could have such a big impact. However, Met One Instruments' new portable BT-637 Bench-Top Airborne Particle Counter is a small, portable tool that looks to have a big impact on Indoor Air Quality. This lightweight bench-top Indoor Air Quality instrument will monitor particulate matter, temperature, and relative humidity in the workplace and verify the health and safety of the environment.

One example where this could have an impact is in the school system. With the start of a new school year and in light of the recent heavy rains on the East Coast, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) concerns have alerted parents, educators and facility managers to the possibility of an increase in mold spore growth. Mold and dust can bring on symptoms of asthma and other respiratory issues. If asthma-triggering mold and dust are not addressed they could lead to serious health problems.

Met One Instruments' NEW Portable BT-637 Bench-Top Airborne Particle Counter can be a powerful first defense tool for mold remediation. This light-weight yet rugged portable particle counter can detect airborne particles in the mold spore size range of 1.0 - 10.0 microns in diameter. Normally these particles are invisible to the naked eye. The BT-637 can measure relative humidity and temperature as well, critical indicators for the quality of indoor air. Its portability allows investigators to spot check several locations throughout a school or facility and to detect escalation of airborne particle concentration. Comparative sampling at these locations could allow for a rapid and accurate response towards a cleanup action.

Met One Instruments' BT-637 Bench-Top Airborne Particle Counter is the tool to use in maintaining Indoor Air Quality in buildings and controlled environments.

Right out of the box, the BT-637 is ready to use. Just press start and begin counting particulate matter, temperature, and relative humidity. The bright LCD blue display can be read from 3 meters away. The easy-to-run user interface makes operation a snap, simply select sample location ID and start sampling. The loud audible alarm alerts the user to particulate levels beyond selected limits.

Applications include monitoring and verifying clean-rooms, medical device manufacturing and packaging, filter testing, hospital pharmacies and surgery suites, food/beverage manufacturing and packaging, aerospace assembly, auto and appliance paint booths, clean-room laundries and cosmetic manufacturing and packaging to name a few.


  • Features 6 channel sizes from 0.3 to 5.0 microns
  • 8 hours of continuous battery operation or AC adapter for continuous use
  • Exceeds the ISO 14644-1 standard for minimum sample volume of 2.0 liters per minute
  • USB flash drive capable of mass storage of 8,000 records
  • User-selectable two 'favorite' particle size and  particle count alarm limits
  • BT-637 can also be equipped with an optional RH/Temp sensor and a portable printer. Interfacing with your system is a breeze with the BT-637
  • BT-637 Datasheet



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