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Metal-free waste flows with magnetic separator


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The re-designed High Gradient Separator has been specially developed for the recycling industry; and is particularly suitable for a difficult and dirty work environment. The magnetic value of the coil has been increased to 10,000 Gauss. This allows the magnetically weak Iron and RFS particles to be removed from waste and residual streams as well. In the recycling world, more and more RFS is found in combustion residue from ovens; also, there has been a considerable increase in consumption of RFS over the last couple of years. The standard high gradient separator was initially developed for cleaning chrome sand in foundries, as well as the removal of black specks from salt or ceramics. The increased Gauss value makes it possible for magnetically weak Iron and RFS particles to be removed from waste and residual streams.

Recycling industry
A system has been specially manufactured for the recycling industry, and it is intended for a heavy-duty and dirty environment. It is available up to a swath breadth of 1 500 mm but on request can be made even broader.
The complete system consists of a frame, a vibrating chute, a control unit, the High Gradient Separator and a very easily adjustable splitter unit. For an even more effective separation a two-level model, for example, can be manufactured. This model consists of two very powerful magnetic rolls of around 10 000 Gauss (measured on the surface of the magnetic roll). The company has built a test installation for testing, which provides a very good idea of the results that can be expected.

The high Gauss value of the high gradient magnetic roll means that normal Fe particles are attracted with great force. This force of attraction is so strong that the belt can be damaged. That’s why a normal magnet should be introduced as a pre-separator.

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