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Biggest metal recycling order in history: 5 large REDWAVE XRF/C

At the recycling facility of R.M.B. near Lago di Garda in Italy thousands of tons of incinerated bottom ash and non-ferrous metals from car-shred are being recycled every month. In 2016, R.M.B. decided to install a rental a REDWAVE unit for testing purposes and soon after this test period they purchased their REDWAVE XRF/C. With that machine the foundation was laid, and RMB quickly realized the full potential of the technology. Now, two years later R.M.B. invested in 5 large REDWAVE XRF/C machines for a new line to sort all their different metal fractions.

This is so far the largest order of single-machines for REDWAVE in the metal recycling area in history. “I am thankful and proud R.M.B. puts so much trust in our XRF/C-technology. This order proves that the value created by our technology justifies the investment” says Martin Weiss, Global Sales Manager for REDWAVE XRF/C.

With REDWAVE XRF-technology (X-ray Fluorescence) it is possible to identify and sort all kinds of metals even when coming from incineration where the surface is not representative of the material itself. It is possible to sort metals by type, even fraction of precious metals can be identified and separated.



REDWAVE is your reliable partner for profitable solutions in the recycling and waste industry. It supplies groundbreaking and economic sorting plants for recyclables as well as turnkey waste treatment plants. Furthermore, REDWAVE is a leading manufacturer of sensor-based sorting machines with a sturdy industrial design which achieves high performance and quality recovery of materials. REDWAVE does not stop at the sensor level but provides the complete machine taking the responsibility for the sorting result. It also focuses to have its own software and hardware knowledge in house as this gives their clients the required flexibility and allows them to continuously develop their products and react quickly on market and customer needs.

REDWAVE operates worldwide and headquartered in Austria. It maintains branch offices in Germany, China, Singapore and the US.


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