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Metal Separation Attracts Visitors at RWM19


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Visitors to RWM19 heard and then saw metal being separated on Bunting’s stand P1 as soon as they walked into the show.

Non-ferrous metal separation at the RWM 19 exhibition (September 11-12 2019)

“Visitors to the RWM19 exhibition wanted to see equipment in action. The clattering noise of separating metal was enough to ignite their imagination and draw them to the stand,” explained Adrian Coleman, the General Manager of Bunting-Redditch.

Metal Separation in Action

The Bunting stand featured technology widely used in the recycling and waste sector and included:

“Visitors would watch the metal separation demonstrations and then ask to speak with one of our team for additional information,” said Adrian. “Over the next few months, we are inundated with material tests, customer visits and issuing quotes.”

Bunting at the RWM 19 exhibition (September 11-12 2019)

RWM19 Platform for Waste Discussions

The issue of waste management is a hot global news topic. RWM19 provided the ideal platform for European discussions on the latest technology, best practice and changes to regulations.

“Recycling is not a new concept,” explained Adrian. “We [as Master Magnets and Bunting] have been designing, manufacturing and installing equipment to recover or separate metals from waste for decades. The demand for our technology is ever-increasing and our aim is to develop and improve.”

The Metal Separation Module at the RWM 19 exhibition (September 11-12 2019)

The Laboratory-scale Metal Separation Module exhibited at RWM19 is owned by the University of Birmingham. The system was purchased as part of the ReLiB Research Project on Li ion Automotive Battery Recycling, funded by the Faraday Institution. The Module is housed at the Bunting Recycling Test Facility at their Redditch plant just outside Birmingham.

Evolving Times

“This year’s show [RWM19] was bustling with activity,” said Adrian. “After several year’s of decline, it is great to see the show gaining in support. Both recycling and good waste management are vital to our future and exhibitions like RWM play an important role in addressing those issues.”

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