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Meteosim becomes a CTCN member


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Meteosim becomes an active member of the CTCN, an international network of climate experts aimed to help Developing Countries

The Climate Technology Center & Network (CTCN) is part of the UNFCCC's (the international Convention of Climat Change that organizes de annual conferences commonly knowns as COP) and is intended to provide technical assistance in response to requests submitted by developing countries. Upon request of those countries, the CTCN mobilizes its global Network of climate technology experts to design and deliver a customized solution tailored to local needs.

During the last evaluation, Meteosim has been granted the CTCN membership, that means we are an organization expert in relevant climate aspects that are meaningul for responding to developing countries requests.

In the last years, Meteosim has been active promoting climate adaptation and resilience projects in several Latinamerican countries like Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador.

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