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Methane concentration in the atmosphere has increased rapidly in 10 years


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The amount of methane in the atmosphere has increased rapidly over the last ten years.
The increase in methane emissions makes it difficult for companies to curb climate change. You see, methane warms the planet about 28 times as much as the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide. So far, methane’s share of global greenhouse gas emissions is about 16 percent, but it could rise.

About 70% of methane emissions are caused by human activity. The main sources are fossil fuels, rice cultivation, cattle, landfills and sewage treatment. Methane is generated when organic material breaks down in anaerobic conditions. This occurs in animal digestion, rice field water and landfills.

Methane is odorless and lighter than air. It is a strong greenhouse gas. Methane is a many times stronger greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Climate researchers believe that agriculture can be the major cause of the increase in the amount of methane.

In Finland, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry estimated in the 2014 agricultural climate program, that the agricultural greenhouse gases methane and nitrous oxide could be reduced by nearly ten per cent without a decrease in the production. The choice of means to accomplish this are, among other things, better manure handling and the use of methane as a biogas.

Ductor has developed a patented and completely biological method whereby the nitrogen and phosphorus from organic waste material can be recovered. Ductor’s technology can be used in adjusting the nitrogen content of the feedstock used in biogas production, allowing for better manageability and increased recovery of feedstock options in biogas production process. Ductor’s technology enables significant cost savings and additional sales potential for both new and existing biogas plants and in doing so contributes to the popularization of biogas as a form of energy – renewable energy

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