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Methane Levels in Air Lower Due to Leakage Control


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EMSL Analytical provides quality testing for methane in our advanced industrial hygiene laboratories nationwide.

EMSL Analytical -- Despite an increase in methane-generating activities, such as drilling for fossil fuels, researchers have found that the amount of methane concentrations in the atmosphere have dropped over the past few decades, according to Climate Central.

A team of atmospheric chemists have investigated and attribute this phenomenon to significantly diminished methane leakage from oil and gas wells.

Methane is a greenhouse gas that traps heat even more efficiently then carbon dioxide and can be produced both naturally and artificially. Methane naturally occurs from wetlands, gas hydrates, permafrost, termites, oceans, freshwater bodies, and non-wetland soils. It is also created by fossil fuel production, animal husbandry (enteric fermentation in livestock and manure management), rice cultivation, biomass burning, and waste management.

This discovery seems favorable to our environment, but researchers’ have also found that hydraulic fracturing (fracking) may cause these levels to increase again. Additionally, some scientists claim that even if current levels of emissions from drilling and agriculture are maintained, gas deposits trapped under the sea floor may escape in large amounts and create more methane in the air.

“Although methane is not considered a toxic compound, it is an asphyxiant is highly flammable and contributes to global warming,” states Michael Chapman, Chemistry Laboratory Manager at EMSL Analytical, Inc. “EMSL, one of the nation’s leading testing laboratories, uses validated testing methods to analyze methane in air samples.”

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