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Metrohm Care Contracts – global availability of Metrohm’s service offer


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Metrohm is pleased to introduce the Metrohm Care Contracts – Metrohm’s global service offer to customers, who need to be sure. Depending on their requirements, customers can choose Standard Care, Extended Care or Total Care and benefit from the many advantages these contracts bring: the best service available for reliable measurement results and maximum peace of mind.

These days, failing equipment is a risk no laboratory can afford. The best protection against this is regular preventive maintenance and service carried out by trained and certified professionals. In fact, that is what is at the heart of all Metrohm Care Contracts. Ranging from Standard Care to Extended Care to Total Care (all spare parts and repairs included, unlimited on-site assistance in no more than 48 hours, 100% cost certainty), Metrohm Care Contracts are an operational insurance card protecting customers’ investments while making sure they keep in line with their budgets.

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