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Metrohm publishes new brochure Environmental analysis


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Metrohm is pleased to present a new brochure summarizing the company’s comprehensive offer for environmental analysis. Combining advanced instrumentation and application know-how, Metrohm provides solutions for the entire field of environmental analysis, i.e., water, soil, and air. Moreover, the brochure includes information on relevant norms and standard methods (ISO, DIN, EPA, ASTM) and is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to get a quick overview of the state-of-the-art of the discipline. «Environmental analysis» is free of charge and is available from the company’s webpage

As the global population and economy continue to grow, the impact on the environment becomes ever more evident. Thus, environmental monitoring and analysis have become essential for governments and private companies alike in their effort to curb pollution and to protect and manage precious natural resources.

Metrohm supports this effort with comprehensive solutions enabling users to detect and quantify constituents and contaminants (anions and cations) with utmost precision down to trace and ultra-trace levels in virtually any matrix, ranging from water to soil to aerosols and gases.

«Environmental analysis» is structured in three major chapters dealing with water, soil, and air analysis, respectively. Important standard methods are described for each of them, including hyphenated solutions such as IC/MS and IC-ICP/MS. Other methods described are titration, pH measurement and conductivity measurement, ion chromatography (IC), and voltammetry. The brochure goes beyond methods to monitor contaminants including new approaches to actually clean up contaminated soil by means of electrochemical decontamination and new methods being developed to use atmospheric CO2 and synthesize other valuable compounds from it.

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