Metso M&J Shredding Power PET, Carpet Recycling have met their match!


Source: eFACTOR3 LLC

Inquiries for Metso M&J Shredders have increased significantly this year.  These machines are ideal for PET bottle and carpet recycling, amongst many other applications.  Two powerful shafts shredding in both directions increase capacity, reduce bridging and evenly spread wear on rotating and counter knives, achieving maximum performance.  Long and flexible items like steel wires from bales will not tangle around shafts.  No need to manually cut baling wires or break up tightly packed bales prior to feeding.  'Self-Cleaning' system ensures no unnecessary wear occurs.  Additional features include:

  • Large in-feed hopper for feeding of entire PET bales
  • Open cutting table means larger shredding capacity and less wear
  • Even waste distribution on conveyor after shredding
  • and much more

Used by recycling and incineration installations, transfer stations, landfills and RDF and chemical waste production, their modular design makes Metso M&J Shredders easily adaptable to meet specific operating requirements in new and existing plants. Ask us how one can be added to your facility!

To see more on these and other machines we offer in action visit the eFACTOR3 YouTube Channel.

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