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Metso Recycling to supply latest waste shredding technology to UK-based Stonegrave Aggregates Ltd


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The recently launched M&J fine-shredder, combined with the renowned M&J pre-shredder, will extend the existing waste processing line to produce RDF.

Metso will supply its latest waste shredding technology to Stonegrave Aggregates Ltd, UK. The delivery consists of an M&J EtaPreShred 4000M-10 and an M&J EtaFineShred 6500, to be installed at the company’s waste treatment facility at Aycliffe Quarry, Darlington. Delivery of the shredders is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2012.

“Since the early 90's we have run several Metso LT crushers for the production of limestone and recycled aggregates in operation at Aycliffe Quarry. When we were looking for waste shredders, we trusted the high Metso quality and advantages of the new technology. Knowing that the shredders are optimally aligned, providing a continuous high output quality,” confirms Bruce Whitley, Operations Director, Stonegrave Aggregates Ltd.

The M&J EtaPreShred 4000M-10 will be placed at the front of the existing waste sorting line, to process commercial and industrial waste at a rate of 28 t/h, with a product output size of 90 % < 200 mm. The pre-shredded material will pass through various stages of separation and sorting to recover recyclable materials and remove fines. The remaining material will be fed into the M&J EtaFineShred 6500 to produce RDF.

The M&J EtaFineShred is the first shredder to be delivered since its introduction at the IFAT 2012 and the acquisition of Holzmag’s technology rights in 2011. The machine will be placed at the end of the line and will process waste from the M&J EtaPreShred. The output tonnage will be 12 t/h of RDF, at a material output size of 30 mm. The machine has two counter-rotating hydraulic-driven shafts, which enables this high level of performance.

“Our M&J Eta pre-shredders are synonymous with leading-edge technology and high quality. By extending this line with the new M&J EtaFineShred 6500, we are now also offering advanced shredding technology for the production of the final product. Our customers benefit from the high performance and easy serviceability the shredders provide,” says Jens Ole Simonsen, Product Manager Waste Recycling, Metso.

Stonegrave Aggregates produces limestone aggregates and recycled materials for use in road construction, earthworks, demolition projects and civil engineering applications at Aycliffe Quarry, Darlington, UK. The company provides complete waste management service, including the recovery and disposal of many types of waste, such as mixed industrial waste and construction waste. See us at

Metso’s Recycling professionals offer customized solutions for metal and waste recycling, covering the entire project from analysis and design to installation and commissioning. With easy-to-operate products, low maintenance needs, in-depth service support and extensive technical know-how, we help customers to improve the efficiency and productivity of their recycling operations. Metso Recycling business is part of Metso Corporation, a global supplier of technology and services to customers in the process industries.,

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