METTER TOLEDO measurement system provides inertization control in vaccine production


Source: Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

DATELINE -- During the vaccine production process, dissolved and gaseous oxygen measurement is critical to optimize the gas intertization phase.  To help pharmaceutical manufacturers meet this need, METTLER TOLEDO offers a solution that combines its InPro6800 dissolved/gaseous oxygen sensors with its M300 two-channel multi-parameter transmitter.  This system measures gaseous and dissolved oxygen and features excellent stability of sensors and very low detection limits. It is autoclavable, sterilizable, compatible with existing process connections, and incorporates a multi-channel and multi-parameter transmitter.

After purification, biotechnologically manufactured vaccines are processed into a form ready for administration. This transformation is achieved by adding certain compounds that enhance the vaccines’ efficacy and the body’s tolerance when they are injected. The stability of certain compounds requires careful inertization of the formulations.

Inertization consists of injecting an inert gas, most often nitrogen, into a head space in order to displace the gas that is already there. The nitrogen is injected until the residual oxygen level reached is sufficiently low. Any risks associated with the influence of oxygen are thus totally under control. Measurement of oxygen is central in this phase, and it is essential that it be measured simultaneously in the gas at the top of the vat and in the preparation.

The InPro6800 sensors are ideal for pharmaceutical processes and are very often used in inertization applications or gas-phase nitrogen blanketing. These sensors provide precise oxygen control, even under the most rigorous conditions. Their modular design enables fast and easy replacement of parts, ensuring maximum availability. They are also totally autoclavable and sterilizable.

The M300 transmitter combines robustness and simplicity. It enables simplified configuration and operation. A convenient “Quick Setup” menu guides users through installation and settings. As it is a two-channel transmitter, it is possible to track either gas and liquid phase oxygen, or oxygen and conductivity.


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