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METTLER TOLEDO Announces a New Continuous Flow Chemistry Online Seminar


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Discover flow chemistry methods used to expedite process development during a free live online symposium. Presenters from Nalas Engineering and Snapdragon will discuss emerging approaches for continuous flow chemistry.

METTLER TOLEDO has announced an upcoming online symposium entitled Flow Chemistry for Process Development, featuring speakers from Snapdragon and Nalas Engineering. This free online seminar will be held on October 27, 2016 at 10:00 AM ET.

Using case studies from the pharmaceutical industry, this online seminar will focus on continuous flow chemistry. Topics include how to use continuous flow chemistry with Process Analytical Technology (PAT) to expedite process development. Both talks will be followed by a live question and answer session with the presenter.

Jerry Salan of Nalas Engineering will present 'Accelerated Process Development Using an Advanced Flow Reactor'. Eric Fang of Snapdragon will present 'Development of Continuous Flow Chemistry Using PAT Analyses'.

Chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical companies are investing in continuous chemical process development to decrease costs and speed up the delivery of new molecules to the market. Continuous flow chemistry has facilitated the use of synthetic steps that are currently unattainable with batch processes because they have mixing limitations or are too exothermic. Novel development of continuous flow reactors has provided robust solutions which can deliver a number of distinct advantages over a more traditional batch process. When coupled with process analytical technology (PAT), flow chemistry allows for rapid analysis, optimization, and scale-up of a chemical reaction. This online seminar features two industry experts with backgrounds in academia as well as the pharmaceutical and chemical industries addressing how flow chemistry integrated with in situ reaction analysis accelerates development of robust chemical processes.

This free online seminar is for chemists and chemical engineers in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as academia. There is no fee to attend. However, registration is required. Register for the Flow Chemistry for Process Development Seminar now.

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