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METTLER TOLEDO Announces New Liquid Handling Platform


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The launch of the Rainin BenchSmart 96 allows users to improve the precision and reliability of pipetting, as well as the overall repeatability of experiments.

METTLER TOLEDO proudly announces the launch of the Rainin BenchSmart 96, a new semi-automated 96-channel liquid handling platform. BenchSmart combines the speed and flexibility of a manual system with the precision and higher reliability of electronic pipetting. It is particularly suitable for the research environment, where experimental conditions change quickly and frequent modifications to the protocol are the norm.

BenchSmart's small footprint also makes it easy to move to wherever it is needed and, unlike fully automated systems, is so intuitive and easy to operate that anyone in the lab can use it.

For complex protocols and precise liquid handling, nothing beats an automated pipetting system for accurate and consistent aspiration and dispensing. BenchSmart’s large touchscreen key pad and intuitive graphic interface make it easy to design, save and retrieve any protocol, from simple one-step procedures to complex, multi-step experiments. BenchSmart also improves the repeatability of experiments by virtually eliminating variability in how liquids are aspirated and dispensed.

There’s an art to pipetting, which is why BenchSmart also gives users complete control over the instrument’s mechanical movement. Whether it is controlling the speed of the pipetting head, positioning tips within a plate or reservoir, or changing the order of a protocol, BenchSmart quickly adapts to almost any application. With four tray positions, researchers will save time and reduce their risk of errors by minimizing the need to swap out trays and reservoirs.

BenchSmart's three interchangeable pipetting heads – 0.5-20 µL, 5-200 µL, and 100-1000 µL – are easy to swap out and provide exceptional volume range in a compact, benchtop pipettor. In Head Change mode, BenchSmart guides users through each step of the head change with animated graphics.

METTLER TOLEDO supports the Rainin BenchSmart 96 with a comprehensive range of high quality accessories and consumables. Rainin high-throughput tips are BioClean, which means that they are manufactured to exceptionally high standards and guaranteed to be free of defect or impurity. Tip options for BenchSmart include sterile, filter and low retention, in both individual racks and convenient, space-saving stacks.

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