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METTLER TOLEDO Announces New Webinar on Mixing and Scale-Up of Chemical Reactions


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A new webinar explores the importance of mixing and reaction calorimetry. Case studies on the fundamentals of scale-up from the chemical industry are presented.

METTLER TOLEDO has announced the availability of a new on-demand webinar - Reaction Calorimetry in the Chemical Process Industry.

Presented by Ray Machado of Air Products & Chemicals and rm2 Technologies, this webinar focuses on applications related to mixing and reaction calorimetry in the chemical process industry.

Reaction calorimetry exposes safety risks or non-scalable conditions and provides process information under process-like settings including thermal hazards, reaction enthalphy, heat profiles and chemical conversion.

During this presentation, Ray Machado provides guidance and shares his experience on broad technical topics, including:

  • Scale-up of Chemical Reactions
  • Mass and Heat Transfer
  • Applied Reaction Calorimetry
  • Hydrogenation
  • Propoxylation
  • Oxidation
  • Polymerization

Ray Machado has experience in applied reactor engineering, scale-up of chemical reaction processes, mass and heat transfer, and reaction calorimetry. Dr. Machado teaches courses on the fundamentals of scale-up.

This free online seminar is for chemists and chemical engineers in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as academia. There is no fee to attend. View the Reaction Calorimetry in the Chemical Process Industry Webinar now.

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