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METTLER TOLEDO Expands the GPro™ 500 Analyzer Series


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Interference-free, drift-free technology in the updated TDL portfolio from METTLER TOLEDO offers better process control and lower maintenance costs.

Udorf, Switzerland -- METTLER TOLEDO has announced four additions to its growing portfolio of tunable diode laser (TDL) spectrometers.

TDLs offer reliable, low maintenance gas analysis in chemical and petrochemical processes. Being a non-contact measurement technology that requires no moving parts, TDLs can often be more dependable and process tolerant than alternative technologies requiring sample extraction and conditioning. The technique uses a laser, tuned to absorption lines of the gas to be measured, that passes through the matrix to a receiver. Analysis of the laser light reveals the level of the target gas.

Unlike cross-stack TDL designs, the GPro 500 series uses a probe that protrudes into the gas stream. A corner cube at the end of the probe directs the source laser beam back to the receiver in the analyzer's head. This design simplifies installation and negates the need for beam alignment that can be an issue with cross-stack TDLs.

The GPro 500 has been available for O2, CO and moisture measurement. Now, models for O2 plus temperature, CO%, CO2%, and a combined CO2% plus CO% make the full GPro 500 portfolio suitable for many refinery processes where paramagnetic and extractive NDIR analyzers are normally used. These applications include catalyst regeneration in Fluidized Catalytic Cracking units, and ethylene oxide and purified terephthalic acid production.

For processes where accurate, low-range extractive measurement is required, METTLER TOLEDO has also announced a White cell adaption that provides an effective path length of 10 m and boosts measurement resolution by a factor of 10.

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