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METTLER TOLEDO Introduces PROFINET IO® Interface Option for Popular Weighing Terminal


Source: Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

The IND780 weighing terminal from METTLER TOLEDO now can interface with PROFINET® IO, a popular automation standard, for seamless data exchange. The IND780 is a highly flexible terminal capable of supporting simple to complex stand-alone to integrated weighing and control applications. Now capable of communicating with PROFINET IO®, the popular weighing terminal combines speed and performance with advanced communication options.

The popular IND780 weighing terminal from METTLER TOLEDO is now available with an optional PROFINET IO® interface and most existing weighing installations using IND780 can be upgraded to PROFINET IO® connectivity. This news is also important for businesses that would like to extend the lifetime of their weighing equipment when network technology has been modernized.

The IND780 with the PROFINET IO® interface has received a conformance certificate from a PI test laboratory, ensuring conformance to the latest specification for PROFINET IO® devices.  A General Station Description file, as a sample for Siemens Step 7 PLC interface code for use with IND780 PROFINET IO®, is available from METTLER TOLEDO to assist with weighing terminal implementation.

The IND780 provides interfaces for up to four independent measuring channels for scales or flow meters. In addition, IND780 provides a wide range of communications interfaces, including 4-20ma output, serial, Ethernet TCP/IP, and USB.  A simple operating system with an enhanced graphical display and SmartTrac™, the IND780 improves the speed and accuracy of manual or semi-automatic operations with three display modes that relate weight status to target graphically.

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