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METTLER TOLEDO Presents 12 Complimentary Tips to Help Keep Test Weights Accurate


Source: Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

How test weights are handled can make a big difference in accuracy. Download METTLER TOLEDO’s latest free reference article and explore 12 important cleaning and storage suggestions that will help maintain precision and reduce rework, disposal, and recall costs long-term.

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to present a new article entitled “Correct Weight Handling: 12 Practical Tips”. This free guide details actions operators can take to protect the accuracy of test weights, as well as actions that should be avoided to preserve precision.

Test weights are an indispensable resource for testing and calibrating scales and balances—and they require manual handling. As such, issues such as skin oils, dirt and shifting ambient temperatures can affect their accuracy. When these issues are not addressed, operators may conduct tests with inaccurate weights, resulting in weighing errors as well as costs associated with rework, waste disposal, and product recall.

Fortunately, a simple series of 12 practical strategies, including choosing the right storage techniques, can help protect the usable life of test weights and avoid inaccuracies.

Learn these strategies today by downloading this free article: .

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