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METTLER TOLEDO TDL Analyzers Receive Award from Frost & Sullivan for Competitive Strategy Innovation & Leadership


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Mettler-Toledo`s GPro 500 TDL series has recieved the 2014 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Innovation & Leadership. The series offers both a probe and a wafer cell for the measurement of gases in different types of processes.

Urdorf, Switzerland -- Based on its recent analysis of the process tunable diode laser (TDL) analyzers market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Mettler-Toledo AG with the 2014 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Innovation & Leadership. Mettler-Toledo's TDL series, the GPro 500, has an original design that is adaptable to almost any kind of process. The series comprises four separate products for the measurement of oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and moisture.

Mettler-Toledo's GPro 500 TDL series can be used for both in-situ and extractive measurement. In-situ measurement is increasingly preferred by customers, as direct measurement in the process is fast and reliable. Others prefer extractive systems where a sample of the gas is literally extracted from the gas stream before measurement. The GPro 500 combines the laser source and analyzer in a single unit. The laser beam from the source passes down a probe and is reflected by a three-sided mirror back up the probe to the analyzer. This design makes alignment unnecessary.

The GPro 500 TDL series is available with a range of adaptions that fit directly to the analyzer's head. These adaptions are the reason for the GPro 500's flexibility in application. Most TDLs use a large quantity of purge gas to prevent the analyzer's optics from being coated by dust in the gas stream. The GPro 500 is available with a robust probe fitted with a shielded particle filter that eliminates the need for purge gas. The series also has a wafer cell, which enables accurate measurement in confined spaces such as 2' pipes. Previously, this has not been possible with TDLs.

'Mettler-Toledo stands out for its ability to integrate unique and standout features into its product line. Unlike competing solutions, the GPro 500 TDL series is compact and lightweight and, therefore, easy to install,' said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Janani Balasundar. 'Furthermore, the company collaborates with various local approval boards to ensure compliance with regulations. For example, FM Global certification is a key requirement in petrochemical plants globally, particularly in the United States, a requirement that is satisfied by the GPro 500 TDL series.'

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About METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics

METTLER TOLEDO's Process Analytics division develops and manufactures instrumentation and sensors used for process measurement and control, offering measurements of pH, dissolved and gaseous oxygen, dissolved ozone, turbidity, oxygen reduction potential, resistivity/conductivity, total organic carbon and flow. METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics consists of two business units, Ingold and Thornton, whose products are commonly used in industries such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
  • Chemical process and refining industries
  • Brewing, food and beverage production
  • Power and steam generation plants
  • Microelectronics manufacturing

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