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Mettler-Toledo Thornton publishes white paper: “Improving Water System Performance – Continuous Real-Time TOC Measurements


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Bedford, Massachusetts -- Mettler-Toledo Process Analytics Division announced the publication of a white paper entitled “Improving Water System Performance – Continuous Real-Time TOC Measurements.” This paper discusses the importance of rapid, continuous and reliable TOC (total organic carbon) measurement and control for critical water release in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

In pharmaceutical production, the accurate measurement of water quality is critical to the water purification process. In fact, the FDA’s Process Analytical Technology (PAT) initiative promotes the use of real-time measurements with the objective of ensuring good product quality. The pharmaceutical industry mandates monitoring of TOC as specified in the monographs of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and in the European Pharmacopoeia (EP) for Purified Water (PW) and Water for Injection (WFI), as well as Highly Purified Water (HPW).

A Real Time Release continuous flow TOC sensor provides rapid response in real time to respond to and divert contaminated water, ensuring end users are receiving good quality water for production. This allows Real Time Release (RTR) of product and leads to a more efficient operation.

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Within METTLER-TOLEDO Group, the Process Analytics division concentrates on analytical measurement solutions for industrial manufacturing processes. The division consists of two business units: INGOLD and THORNTON, both internationally recognized leaders in their respective markets and technologies.

INGOLD is a worldwide leader in pH dissolved and gaseous oxygen, CO2, conductivity and turbidity solutions for process analytical measurement systems in chemical, food & beverage, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

THORNTON is the leader in pure and ultrapure industrial water monitoring instrumentation used in semiconductor, microelectronics, pharmaceutical and biotech applications

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