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First being used to manufacture substitute fuels

The UG series granulators produced by the German manufacturer MeWa Recycling Maschinen und Anlagenbau GmbH stand for high throughputs and reliability, even in the demanding scrap sector. This machine type has now been equipped with numerous new features.

Granulators can grind various materials down to pre-defined grain sizes. Areas of application include manufacturing substitute fuels from plastic waste, for example. But paper, aluminium profiles, cables, electric motors, oil filters and tyres can also be ground down using the MeWa granulators.

The machine series is now being fitted with an additional NG. NG stands for new generation and, alongside a modern machine design, offers several completely new features and control elements.

Perhaps the most obvious thing about the new design is the lower height of the secondary granulator compared with its predecessor. This modification provides a number of advantages. The lower centre of gravity offers improved stability during operation. At the same time, the lower feed height offers improved loading and also significantly improves access for service staff, making the whole machine more maintenance friendly.

As a further new design feature, a hydraulic pendulum pusher has been integrated into the machine for higher throughput rates. Using the rotor case that is now split, the cutting mechanism can easily be replaced as an entire unit, which makes maintenance work considerably easier.

The process for replacing the granulate screen has been simplified and made more economical. The screens that are manufactured from wear-resistant hardox can be hydraulically lowered and split into multiple pieces. This allows each part of the screen to be replaced separately and moved individually into different positions, which increases screen life and lowers wear costs.

Another improvement is the visual control panel with touchscreen. The clearly structured and easy-to-use display allows operators to keep their eye on all important parameters at the same time. All relevant information for operating and maintaining the machine can be called up quickly, or is displayed directly.

As before, the re-adjustable knife blocks come as standard and provide consistently high cutting quality. The low-wear cutter blocks can be rotated in four directions and can be replaced individually. The rotor and blades are made of high-tensile, hardened special steels. They can even process solid, non-hardened metals with a cross-section of up to 20 mm.

The first of the new UG 2008 NG granulators with a rotor working width of 2000 mm are being delivered to Meschede/Germany. Here, the units will be used to manufacture substitute fuels in the future.

MeWa Recycling Technology:
For 30 years, MeWa Recycling Maschinen und Anlagenbau GmbH has been developing and constructing granulators and turnkey recycling plants for a wide variety of applications. We concentrate mainly on the processing of electrical and electronic scrap, refrigerators, metal bonds, household and industrial waste, old tyres, oil filters, but also on producing organic substrates for biogas plants. The company holds patents for various recycling processes and has won national and international recognition with its technologies. At its sites in Gechingen (headquarters) and Freiberg (in Saxony), MeWa employs around 150 staff. Approximately 80 per cent of its turnover is apportionable to exports.

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