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MGB Plastics helps Hull recycle more


Source: Materials Recycling Week

Bin manufacturer MGB Plastics has helped Hull achieve record recycling rates with its new delivery of bins.

From September 2009, the firm has replaced residents’ old bins with three new ones including its own brown bins for food and garden waste, blue bins for recyclables and bin supplier Straight’s kitchen caddies.

So far, it has successfully rolled out new bins to over 80 per cent of Hull residents. The roll out is expected to be complete by February 2010.

Hull has since recorded a 70 per cent recycling rate for November to December, a huge improvement on its 30-40 per cent average previously. 

Hull City Council waste strategy officer James Ward said: “We decided to use this bin system because we felt it was easier for residents to use. Collections are scheduled on the same day of the week too, which has had a major impact on our recycling rates.”

Mr Ward also spoke of the importance in educating residents about how to use the bins and has used a team of door-steppers to help this process along.

MGB Plastics collected the majority of residents’ old waste bins, which are then recycled and made into new bins.

The Rotherham-based company manufactures one million bins each year. General Manager Conor Sugrue said: “We’re different because other bin manufacturers do not usually collect, recycle and reuse old bins but we do.”

MGB Plastics helps Hull recycle more

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