MHF Services Awarded Contract by URS Corporation for Radiological Waste Transportation and Disposal


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Wexford, PA (PRWEB) July 11, 2011 -- MHF Services (MHF), a leading provider of packaging, transportation, logistics and technical services, has been awarded a contract by URS Corporation to provide radiological waste transportation and disposal services at five properties adjacent to the former Karnish Instruments Inc. plant in Lock Haven, Clinton County, Pennsylvania.

URS Corporation is the prime contractor on an Interim Remedial Response Services Contract (IRRSC) with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) at the adjacent properties. Under the IRRSC, an estimated 25,840 cubic feet of low-level radioactive soil and debris will be excavated and require transportation and disposal.

MHF is providing private intermodal containers to package the material on-site and a fleet of private gondola railcars, to which the material will be transferred for rail shipment. MHF also is providing the services of a certified shipper to prepare shipping paperwork and coordinate transportation from the site. MHF is arranging for the truck-to-rail transloading of the material, rail transportation, and disposal.

Said Scott Dempsey, MHF Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “This is a key award for us because we are able to demonstrate our ability to provide all five components of our core business—technical services, packaging, transportation, transloading and disposition—for handling environmentally sensitive materials in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner while meeting our customers schedule and expectations.”

MHF provided similar services previously under contract to URS, transporting approximately 80,000 cubic feet of soil and debris from the Karnish Instruments’ Piper Memorial Airport site and Ron’s Rental building.

For this new phase of the project, MHF developed an alternative and fully licensed disposition path than what was previously used for waste from the Karnish site. This methodology will enable MHF, URS, and the PADEP to recognize significantly reduce disposition costs while still remaining environmentally compliant.

Karnish Instruments manufactured and repaired aircraft gauges from the mid-1950s until the 1970s. Radioactive radium paint was used on gauge dials for illumination. Poor work practices at the time resulted in radioactive contamination in the interior building surfaces and in the soil beneath and around the property. The building was leased in 1982, becoming Ron’s Rental.

In May 2008, the PADEP initiated a remedial response after discovering radium contamination inside and outside the building. The building was demolished and the contaminated soil excavated and removed. While verifying that the cleanup had been properly completed, PADEP staff discovered residual radium contamination from the Ron’s Rental property at the five adjacent properties.

About MHF Services
MHF ( is an integrated packaging, transportation and logistics provider that offers seamless solutions for generators and shippers of radioactive, hazardous, and non-hazardous waste, materials, and byproducts. The company’s customers include government agencies such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Energy, and others. MHF also provides transportation and logistics solutions to companies in the nuclear utilities, environmental services, mining, metals, chemical, and petrochemical industries.

MHF is based in Wexford, a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA, with other offices in the U.S. The company’s headquarters may be reached at 724-772-9800 or info(at)mhfservices(dot)com.


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