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MHG provides a pellet and SRF specific ERP system for Poland


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MHG Systems Ltd and Polish Research Innovation Group Ltd – R.I.G. – build up an enterprise resource management system for pellet production and short rotation forestry (SRF) in Poland.  As a first phase the delivery consists of management systems for R.I.G.´s own pellet production based on agro wastes, wood wastes and SRF. MHG Pellet ERP and MHG SRF ERP enable tracing of origin of feedstock, management and monitoring  of feedstock quality and quantity, logistics, and development of carbon footprint of pellet supply chain.

The agreed management modules are tailor-made from MHG Bioenergy ERP, management and map service entity, provided by MHG Systems. The delivery gets started  in the beginning of March 2010.

For MHG Systems the order of R.I.G.  is an excited opening of the markets in Poland because it includes besides management system of SRF, in particular, willow and poplar species also recycling management of ash and sludge coming from co-firing and biogas production tells General Manager Seppo Huurinainen.

President Jan Bocian of R.I.G, underlines that the co-operation with MHG Systems brings a remarkable competitive edge for our businesses. Now we can prove out to our customers top quality  and transparency of our pellet production. With expertise and novel technology of MHG linked with our novel pellet production and SRF concepts we are capable to launch to the Polish and global market totally new business model. It is not only the system for solid biomass but it has a big market advantage for liquid biofuel certification applied to DIRECTIVE 2009/28/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources ( The MGH Service can in the transparent and effective way help bioliquids producer to decrease the carbon footprint according to life assessment required by the new Directive too, continues Mr. Bocian.

The co-operation agreement between MHG and R.I.G. was published last week in Warsaw within the first bioenergy conference ever organized in Poland.

MHG Bioenergy ERP
The MHG Bioenergy ERP service is a true operative tool, designed for electricity, heating, pellets, forest industry and forest service companies. It can be used via web browser or mobile devices. It is a specific bioenergy sector ERP system and map service solution, which provides valuable information for developing one's business operations. Bioenergy ERP allows the use of new, particularly contract-based, and empowering operational models. The superior features of the service include transparency throughout the delivery chain, managing the moisture content of bioenergy masses, reporting features based on the amount of energy, i.e. megawatt hours, and accounts and invoicing.

MHG Systems Ltd
MHG Systems Ltd is one of the world's leading suppliers of bioenergy ERP systems. The company utilises its partner network to produce customer-oriented IT and map service solutions designed for developing bioenergy, and field work business operations. MHG ERP synthesizes mobile communications, the Internet, real-time maps, satellite-based location information, RFID, and CO2 monitoring into one business-enhancing service, and allows the use of new and empowering operational models, accurate cost monitoring and real-time enterprise resource planning of biomasses and delivery chains. The company’s services bring significant cost savings and environmental benefits to all operators in the bioheat, bioelectricity, and biofuel production chain.

Through many years of development work MHG Systems has together with our customers and partners, created a Service concept. It combines best practices, modern technology and mobile solutions into one business-enhancing service. MHG Systems' services allow companies to verify the social and environmental responsibility of their operations, as the origin of biomasses, energy content, carbon dioxide emissions, and costs and profits can be reliably proven. MHG Bioenergy ERP Service helps customer companies to boost their business operations.

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