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Michaelis Waste to Energy Systems: cost reduction for waste disposal and energy


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The basic conditions for an own waste energy system have been changed in the last months:

  • Waste disposal is no future-safe measure
  • the prices fort he industrial waste disposal will increase
  • The big central waste incineration plants are not interested in taking over waste of a high calorific value as therewith the incineration capacity is reduced
  • The energy prices for gas and oil are heavily increased and will probably stay on a high level

For more than 50 years Michaelis builds individually adapted waste incineration plants for the industry.
The following items are considered:

  • Waste management and waste pre-treatment
  • Waste incineration with the optimal furnace system
  • Heat recovery for generating process steam, hot water, thermal oil and connection to the company's network
  • Hear recovery for generation electric power
  • Gas cleaning system in compliance with the modern environmental regulation, adapted to your company

Considering the current economical conditions the return of investment for a 'waste to energy system' is 3 to 5 years

Your energy supply costs become future-proof calculable.
The profitability is further improved if your waste has high energy content and the generated process steam, hot water or thermal oil can be used in your company.

Beginning with a certain plant size an electrical power generation will be profitable.

An incineration system with a flue gas cleaning system can also eliminate other emissions, e. g. VOC.

An own „waste to energy system' has advantages:

  • Disposal certainty for your industrial waste
  • Calculation certainty for the energy costs
  • Solution of emission problems

Michaelis offers you:

  • Incineration systems from 200 up to about 200.000 kg per day
  • Combination with the optimal heat recovery
  • Individually adapted gas cleaning system

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