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Micro Injection Molded Parts for Cryogenic Insulation


Burlington, IL - 20 Nov 2013 -- We at VEEJAY PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING COMPANY have completed micro molding of a “SPACER”, a polymer post weighing less then 5 milligrams (0.005gram). The polymer post has intricate proprietary design details, having important functional characteristic in the fabrication and performance of Wrapped MultiLayer Insulation. The spacer is designed to reduce heat transfer through the insulation, and control layer spacing, and is part of Quest Thermal Group’s proprietary discrete spacer Technology. VEEJAY accomplished this challenging tooling and micro molding program successfully, helping Quest Thermal build WMLI prototypes for testing at -320F.

 Scott Dye, CTO and project director at Quest Thermal Group, in Arvada, CO, phone 303-395-3100 ext. 102, is the principle investigator of the WMLI program conducted for NASA.

According to Mr. Dye, Wrapped MLI provides better thermal insulation for cryogenic piping per layer then conventional insulation methods. This is direct result of using custom tooled, micro molded   polymeric spacer to achieve 3-fold lower heat leak then state of the art vacuum jacketed pipe.

Better insulated piping could provide more efficient cold or hot fluid transfers. This will be useful in space fuel depots, ground support equipment for cryogen transfer to launch vehicles and also industrial hot or cold fluid transfer process. For further detail contact Mr. Alan Kopelove, (CEO), Quest Thermal Group at 303-395-3100 ext. 101.


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