Microcoal seeks to enter u.s. utility market for its emissions reducing technology



Vancouver-based Carbon Friendly Solutions Inc. recently announced the latest developments in ongoing negotiations between key players in the U.S. coal energy/utility markets and its subsidiary, MicroCoal Inc. ('MCI'), which is presently engaged in economic feasibility studies with several large U.S. utilities.

This announcement follows MicroCoal's recent achievement in awarding a patent for the applicable use of its technology in Australia, adding to the long list of territories where MCI has already been awarded patents (including Russia, Eurasia, Indonesia, South Africa and New Zealand).

MCI is currently in the process of examining its patents in both the U.S.A. and China.

MicroCoal Inc. was incorporated in 2005 and currently has its headquarters in Denver, CO. This clean energy company is focused on commercializing the use of patented technologies to decontaminate and upgrade low-rank coals to match the energy levels of high-rank coals for use by power utilities.

MicroCoal's on-site process cleans up coal at the power plant prior to combustion by reducing contaminates like sulfur and mercury and also improving fuel efficiency by removing water. This is helping to accelerate the existing trend of fuel switching to low-rank Powder River Basin (western) coals.

The company's initial target market is the coal-fired segment of the North American electrical utility industry. Coal-fired power plants currently produce nearly 50% of the electricity in the U.S.A.

MicroCoal's executives have dedicated the past 4 years to develop strong relationships with leading energy/utility providers in the U.S.A. A number of small and large American utilities have engaged with MCI in conducting feasibility and deployment studies of MCI's technology process into existing operations.

Recent developments include detailed discussions with operating and business departments of significant utilities operating a number of coal-fired plants with sizes ranging between 120MW and 2,400MW. MicroCoal is now working together with these utilities in detailed studies to nominate the most appropriate site for the deployment of its first commercial demonstration plant.

MicroCoal's technology presents significant environmental benefits by converting low-Btu to high-Btu coal while at the same time reducing sulfur and mercury emissions and increasing plant efficiency through impacting the coal's ash mineralogy.

Other benefits of the MicroCoal proprietary process include a significant reduction in fuel costs, and improved combustion.

The largest coal reserves on the planet are located in the U.S.A., Russia, China and India. According to the BP Statistical Review of World Energy (June 2010), the US holds 23,830 million metric tons of coal, of which 12,935 million tons are sub-bituminous and lignite (Low-rank), constituting 54% of recoverable reserves.

This equates to 31.2% of the world's proven sub-bituminous and lignite coal reserves in 2009.

The growing concern about grteenhouse gas emissions associated with coal fired electricity producers, makes MicroCoal an innovator to watch.

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