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Microcom Design releases a Compact Express Environmental Monitoring System


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The EXPRESS is a unique packaging of Microcom’s GTX-1.0 Satellite Transmitter-Datalogger and UBX Satellite Antenna, combined with a power supply. This package is compatible for use in GOES, Meteosat and GMS networks. For basic sensor configurations, the EXPRESS has a built-in 1 watt solar panel (located in the antenna cover), for more complex configurations an external solar panel is added. The construction is rainproof intended for extended deployment in harsh environments. The exposed metal parts are all stainless steel and the covers are sealed with one-piece gaskets to insure the rain-tight integrity. The EXPRESS is supplied with Microcom’s universal mount that allows convenient antenna aiming for azimuth and elevation. A variety of cover colors are available. Consult factory for configurations and colors.


Contact: Duane Premble at Microcom Design 410-771-1070

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